I was born with a disability called Cerebral Palsy, but I do not let it define me.

Born & raised in Queens, New York. I have lived a quarter of a century. June Cancer; so I'm a baby born in the warm embrace of Helen's Summer, however I have a thing for Jane Frost's icey grip.

I'm a published Poet, Aspiring comic book creator, I'm sort of working on two movie scripts and I would like to get into writing plays. As you can see I love to write. College Graduate(I have an AA in Criminal Justice; which was a bad idea because all I want to do with my life is write).

I love ink on my skin(working on my left full sleeve, 5 up and down my right arm and chest tattoo), Levi Jeans, Vans sneakers. I love all kinds of music(Rock, Alternative & Punk are my preferred genres). I have a real weakness for musicians but most of all female Poets(add an English accent and I drool, haha seriously I need a bib).

Favorite Poets/Pieces(Not in any order)
Gil Scott-Heron-Work For Peace


Justinah McFadden-Tiger Woods(I Think That's the title)

Edgar Allan Poe-The Raven

Langston Hughes-Let America Be America Again

Tupac Shakur-The Rose That Grew From The Concrete, Jada

Robert Frost-Lockless Door

John "Chance" Acevedo-"Cows Killed My Daddy"

Maya Angelou- Life Doesn't Threathen Me

I am also a published author; if you would like to know where my book can be purchased, feel free to message me.

Every piece of poetry on this blog is copy written so please, don't steal my shit.

8th March 2013

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College isn’t the place to go for ideas.
— Helen Keller


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